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Doctor Approved Blood Lab Testing
Natural Pharmacy and Herbal Compounding
Continuing Medical Education
Medical Education

Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine (ICCM) Program

The curriculum in our education department is designed according to our perspectives of traditional Chinese medicine with traditional herbal medicine. The sciences of western internal medicine and cardiology blend with these principles.

  • Courses are offered on our online platform
  • Learners study using our peer-reviewed textbooks
  • CE points with reporting to NCCAOM and CE Broker

Wellness Services

Personalized Medicine Through Self-Care

Our wellness services are for people with various cardiovascular concerns who want to modify their lifestyle.We offer the kind of personalized healthcare that assist you to manage, monitor and improve your own health for prevention. Learn more about the principles of self-care, personalized medicine, and wellness.

  • Use your lab results to help determine the correct herbal or nutritional supplements your body needs.
  • Choose from hundreds of our vetted brands or have us compound and customize a blood pressure herbal medicine, blood sugar herbal medicine or blood lipid herbal medicine.
  • Book future paid telehealth consultations for answers and guidance along your healthcare journey.
Niambi Wellness Natural Pharmacy

Herbal Compounding Service

We have a wide selection of medicinal herbs and nutrients used in traditional herbal medicine systems. Our compounded medicines include a complex combination of herbs that benefit the cardiovascular system according to syndrome differentiation in traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Blood Pressure Herbal Medicine
  • Blood Sugar Herbal Medicine
  • Blood Lipids Herbal Medicine

Client Portal


1.Is the account free or is there a required cost to keep the account?

Accounts are always free to set up and to maintain, however you will need to keep a card on file for making purchases inside of the portal. After you have established your account, you can use it to embark on or continue your wellness and self-care journey. There may be offers to opt into our free and paid subscriptions. For example, you can receive a monthly email or hard copy of our magazine. Each edition would include compelling medical information on subjects you care about, to help you make personal health decisions. Other offers will include lab test discounts, herbal and supplement manufacturer discounts and promotional gifts.

Our chosen medical platform app is an EMR that meets HIPAA compliance requirements. You can click on the Client Portal link anywhere on our website and proceed to create your account. You will complete intakes to set-up and establish your profile with personal health history and current health status. After that you will receive an email with instructions for confirming your account. Your account will then be ready to serve as your secured personal health hub on our platform. You can get things started by logging in to check available slots on the appointment calendar to book your FREE first consultation! The consultation will last 15 minutes to assist with what you want to do on your wellness journey.

Use your account as a place to learn, plan and improve your health. You can arrange for upload and storage of prior health records from other healthcare providers, and view and manage stored health information you acquire with us. You can select and order amongst over 3,000 different doctor approved blood lab tests, book appointments on the calendar for consultations with us, order our brand of herbal compound medicines and remedies, or order hundreds of other herbal remedies and supplements from vetted and trusted brands.

1.What reasons would anyone want to get consultations?

Consultations are a way to have a medical and healthcare professional assist you with setting up your wellness journey, discuss health concerns that you want to monitor through ordering your own blood lab tests, get advice and decide about certain herbs and nutritional supplements you are thinking of using.

The initial 15-minute free consultation establishes your relationship with us. We will want to know your thoughts about your health and how we can help you make improvements that are important to you. Future booking of 15-minute, 30-minute or 60-minute consultations would be prepaid. Consultations are conducted through telehealth. You can get answers to herbal and nutritional supplement questions, resources with information, assistance with labs and other advice along your healthcare journey.

Log into to your Client Portal, view available slots on the appointment calendar. Book and confirm the best date and time that works for you. The app will send out an automatic appointment confirmation and appointment reminders by email and phone text messages. The appointment will be by telehealth conferencing.

Our platform is for individuals who desire a favorable health outcome by managing an optimal lifestyle either on their own or on doctor’s advice. Our solutions include using certain food, herbs and nutritional supplements that are suitable for your body and frequently checking how well they work and other health status through medical lab blood testing.

Many of our clients have primary care providers advise them to adopt a better lifestyle for prevention. Little advice is given about how to do it. Their health is managed at very large medical groups with hundreds of patients, so wait times between visits take weeks or months which causes feelings of uncertainty. You can order routine blood tests and specialty blood tests with us, to monitor your health more often. Insurance may not cover the cost for most lab tests. However, if you prepay your order through us the lab blood test will likely be the same cost that insurance pays or at a discount.

Specialty lab tests are special screens, monitors and tolerances that can provide certain results that can help make health decisions. A test may require a body sample including blood, urine, saliva, stool or hair. These body samples are used to test hundreds of things happening inside and outside of your body. For example, your test results can show sensitivity or allergy to substances, amount of vital nutrients utilized or stored in your body, presence of pathogens or parasites and their eggs, etc.

Some examples amongst thousands of specialty lab blood tests include:

  • Testing for blood compatibility with up to 300 different foods before choosing a dietary lifestyle.
  • Testing for blood compatibility with up to 300 different herbs before using them or similar others in your remedies.
  • Screening whether a meat only or meatless diet is providing enough nutrition.
  • Determining if nutrient and omega oil supplementation is enough or needs to be increased.
  • Finding out if fad supplements advertised on social media is necessary for you or a waste of money.

Again, we offer the same blood lab tests your primary care doctor orders, as well as specialty blood lab tests, all at a discount. You may be able to walk into a LabCorp, Quest, an authorized local lab draw center and have your labs drawn and processed. We can even arrange a private tech to come to you locally anywhere in the world to draw your blood labs. Your results are kept confidential in your Client Portal account. You can consult with us about your results, and you can use the results to make your own healthcare decisions.

Log into your Client Portal and browse our selection of 3,000 different blood lab tests. Select and request an order. We will charge the card you have on file with us and process the lab request. You will be able to make an appointment to walk into an authorized local lab to have your blood drawn or we can arrange a mobile tech in your town to come to you. Results will be available in your portal within 2-5 days. Links and other notifications from us and often by the drawing or testing lab will be sent by email and text messages.

Our institute helps individuals who want natural and herbal options for monitoring and improving personal health. Our focus is to help those with cardiovascular disease concerns change and monitor their lifestyle for prevention. Additional diagnoses like diabetes and lipid disorders are preventable and manageable but can quickly become complicated and cause adverse health outcomes in cardiac patients.

We offer solutions for people seeking natural methods for disease prevention and health improvement. These include discounted routine and specialty medical lab testing and access to a variety of vetted suppliers of unique natural remedies. Medical lab tests can be used to frequently monitor health status, so you determine if your lifestyle works to benefit your health. Results can determine whether your current diet is optimal for proper nutrient assimilation and waste elimination, correctly balances the vital nutrients that affect all body systems and whether certain foods, herbs and nutritional supplements are the best remedies for you.

Our institute has our own brand of herbal remedies and compounds herbal medicines for individuals monitoring moderate cardiovascular, diabetic and lipid concerns. We use traditional Chinese medicine methods for complex herb selection and combining. Upon request, we can include your test results to eliminate or substitute certain herbs in your compounded orders.

Consultation Packages