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Wellness Services
Log into your client portal to order blood test labs, make appointments, purchase remedies and send messages.

Wellness Services

Niambi Wellness Institute includes a clinical consultancy that guides on principles of self-care, personalized medicine and wellness to help patients be responsible for holistically caring for their own health.

  • Self-care involves the 8 areas of life which are important to wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional spiritual, intellectual, environmental, social and financial. For many people, self-care often starts with viewing your physical health status and what you can do to improve and maintain better health.
  • Personalized medicine is an innovative and emerging practice of medicine that encourages patients to take a more responsible and participatory role in their care. The 4 key principles are predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. Patients are actively involved in facilitating prevention, diagnosing and disease treatment. It generally involves combining your personal background such as your family history, environment and lifestyle with your health profile which includes genetics, risk for certain diseases.
  • Wellness has six dimensions which are physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual. You can create use your own your own wellness plan that outlines how you take better care of yourself. For many people, knowing your physical health status through personalized medicine is a good strategy on your wellness journey.
1.How can I begin self-care?

You can consult with us to help you sort out what you want to improve in your personal health and start your journey. Some people wonder if they really need some hot new supplement on the market advertised on social media, some are curious about starting a new vegan, juice or meat diet or how herbal medicines and nutrition might help improve health.

You can choose from the hundreds of affordable blood lab work tests that we offer. All tests are doctor approved and do not need prior authorization. Some are routine blood, hair, saliva, stool or urine sample tests any primary care doctor would order. Others are specialized in screening for tolerance of a long list of certain herbs, whether a vegan diet includes allergies to certain foods and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. You can order a blood test through us, set up an appointment for us to draw your blood or visit a LabCorp near you. Results can answer your health questions.

We can set up your HIPAA compliant patient portal for you which starts with your personal background. Any time you want to order a lab test you log into your client portal, pay for the lab test and make an appointment for your lab visit. Your blood lab test results can be in your portal within 1-3 days. You can also use your client portal to make health diary note entries, make consultation appointments with us, choose and order over the counter herbal remedies, compounded herbal medicines and request copies of lab reports to be sent out.